PC Polarized Molded Lenses (These lenses are specifically designed and incredibly well engineered for sunglasses and goggles of all types.)

The Properties of Our Lenses

Similarly to PC Polarized Vent Lenses, these lenses have an incredibly high resistance to impact as well as being superbly durable. These lenses are crafted light and thin while retaining superb quality and dependability.

We carefully monitor and reference the sunglasses specifications for each country to suit your orders and provide the utmost ability to pass and exceed the sunglasses standards of each country we ship too.
The Optical Performance is extraordinary.
The Refraction power occurrence is lower in this lens than the Vent lens. It’s a very durable and satisfying lens.

※We are among the Industry leaders in specializing in gradation lenses. We’re ready to turn your dreams into reality.


The Single Lens

Thickness 2.1mm
Curve 5 Base
Size (mm) 65 x 150、98 x 182
Thickness 2.1mm
Curve 4 Base x 6 Base(toric)
Size (mm) 90 x 156

Twin Lenses

Thickness 2.1mm
Curve 6 Base、8 Base
Size (mm) 55 x 78

※In addition to these options, we will gladly prepare your customized Colors.
Please contact us for details. You’ll be surprised at the colors we can create for you.