The President's Message


A Message from our President

Ohkei Corporation Optical Co.

We have been pursuing and following the path of excellence as pioneers of polarized lenses for 40 years. We have faced our challenges, climbed many mountains and weathered the storms. We have always, and continue to be, the leading innovators since our company was founded. Our success is due to so many dedicated people including our suppliers, employees and our local neighbors as well, just to name a few.
At this time, I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone for their dedication to quality and innovative pioneering spirit.

Looking to the future, Ohkei and our dedicated staff are addressing the needs and desires of our customers. Our flexibility and ingenuity is unrivaled as we face the challenges of the 21st-century.
We will continue to boldly push the limits as we look to creating new and exciting products and services for our customers in a spirit of hope and trust. With our high goals, standards, technology and dedicated staff, we are leading the charge into the future. The next leap is now!

On behalf of myself and all those at Ohkei, we are looking forward to hearing from you and discussing the exciting ideas we can turn into reality. Thank you.

management philosophy and management vision

Management Philosophy

We hope to foster good faith and trusted relations with our customers.”This is the creed and faithful belief of Otani Kikuo”

All companies and employees should have mutual trust with one another.

Ohkei would also like to take this time to thank you all and show our appreciation to all the people involved in Ohkei optical as well as the companies that support and develop in this region.

As a management fundamental and the Keystone to our philosophy, our goal is to be a company that develops based on the belief that all employees, their families, business people and all other people in association with us deserve to be happy and satisfied.

Our Basic Management Vision

We strive to provide products, services and environments that all our customers, business partners, and employees enjoy associating with. We endeavor for all those involved to seek to want to work continuously with the company and respond promptly and enthusiastically to changes in the competitive environment.

We will always pursue high level management innovation.

Our Philosophy of " OK ism " and the five points represented therein.

1. Strive to be a vigorous employee.
→ You should promptly greet and converse with people with a smile while being smart and brisk.

2.We should always strive to emphasize the Japanese feeling of “Wa”- a deep notion of peace and understanding among fellow humans.
→ We should Mutually strive to create a workplace that is compassionate, bright and easy to work in.

3.Always be a forward thinking employee, a ” thinker ” as you will.
→ Make sure and foster your own ideas and opinions and refer those ideas to your boss and senior management for new proposals and approval.

4.Positively charge yourself and your workplace. Look at new ideas from the viewpoint of the possibilities that can be created.
→ It’s only impossible if we believe it to be so. Challenge yourself to always be positive.

5.Always strive to be a dynamic employee increasing efficiency and self accountability.
→ It’s important to spread your positive energy to speed up day-to-day operations.