About lens types and Polarization functions

All about Polarized Lenses

The polarizing lens blocks the glare such as what we see in reflected light and reflections , ensuring a clear comfortable view.
It blocks not only radiant light and all types of glare but it also filters out harmful ultraviolet rays and permits only natural light that is gentle to the eyes to pass.
The effect depends on the degree of polarization, the visible light transmittance and lens color.

What is the Polarization Degree, or the Level of Polarization?

The Degree of Polarization refers to the ratio of cutting out and reducing glare and various levels of reflected light such as irregular reflections.

The Degree of Polarization becomes higher as the numerical values increase.
Therefore, it becomes a much higher performance and more desirable polarizing lens.
Higher numbers equal higher Polarizing efficiency.

This technology enables the wearer to enjoy much clearer views as well as providing higher levels of comfort to the eyes themselves.
This comfort is attributed to the eyes not being exposed to various levels of glare.

What is visible light transmission?

Visible light transmittance is the ratio or degree of cutting visible light rays. The lower the visible light transmittance, the more light can be blocked, so it is possible to block strong sunlight and glare using Polarized lenses.


The Special Features of Our Polarized Lenses

The Differences between Regular Lenses and Our Specialized Polarized Lenses

Reflections on the windshield disappear completely. Furthermore, the front visibility becomes clearer and safer.

without Polarized Lenses
with Polarized Lenses

The dazzling and bright reflected light off of the water completely disappears, thereby you can easily see clearly to the bottom of the water.

with Polarized Lenses

Our lenses are highly recommended in the following cases and situations.


Once again, the polarized lenses cut out the reflections from the water enabling you to see clearly to the bottom.


Our lenses cut reflected light dramatically helping reduce glare from the turf enabling you to see the details of the green clearly.


Our lenses reduce light reflection off of snow creating clearer visibility.


Our lenses reduce and help prevent glare off of the surface of roads.


Our lenses help prevent hazardous glare from oncoming vehicles and buildings. Windshield reflections are also seriously reduced resulting in extremely clear views and safer driving potential.


Our lenses function to reduce eyestrain
( asthenopia ) by filtering out the blue light from electronic screens. The colors of the monitors and screens will become clearer and easier on the eyes.