1. Our Quality Policy(Basic Principles and Philosophy)

Our goals are to continuously improve quality, reduce delivery time and manage costs. We aim to obtain greater satisfaction for all our valued customers.
We continually strive to improve customer satisfaction. By actively working from the heart and thinking about our customers,
” Putting ourselves in the customers shoes “. Our lenses are continuously high quality adding value to our customer’s products. We are always focused on improving the market confidence of our clients.
We always look to our departments to thoroughly support our high basic quality standards along with our enrichment management philosophy and principles of positive action.

2. Quality Targets and Goals

In order to realize the quality policy, each department head will thoroughly inform and achieve the following benchmarks for quality goals of the daily operating activities of each division or section.
(1)Decreasing Defective Products(Using various zero tolerance policies)
(2)Steadily improving compliance to the requested delivery dates ensuring total satisfaction.
(3)Reduction in Various Development / Manufacturing Costs ( Increased Yield Improvements )
(4)Strict management of environmentally hazardous substances in all manufacturing processes.

Quality Management

Quality control is carried out based on our own high quality standards that are consistently reviewed.

We own our own facility


Our precision image dimension measuring instruments

Measurements are performed using image scanning. Highly accurate precision measurements are possible.



We will transmit the light divided into separate wavelengths through the lens and measure the transmittance. This is used to examine and determine how much the lens effectively cuts visible rays, ultraviolet rays, infrared rays etc.


Impact Resistance Testing

We examine the security, safety and reliability of the lens by subjecting it to drop tests using steel balls and conical weights.※


Constant Temperature and Humidity Device

We use this machine for various kinds of strict environmental tests.

※The US F.D.A standard impact resistance test “Drop Ball Test”(The Test is to drop 16.3 g steel balls from the height of 127 cm onto the lens surface.)
USA F.D.A. (Food and Drug Administration)
Government agencies in the United States belong to the Ministry of Health and Human Services and approve and validate regulations on products with potential harmful side effects for consumers to come into contact with for example : cosmetics, toys, tobacco, etc., centering on foods and chemicals.