PC Polarized bent Lenses(Specialized Sunglasses for Ski Goggles. You can enjoy the crystal clear view and increased safety involved with sunglasses for your ski goggles.)

The Properties of Our Lenses

Our lenses are carefully engineered to be impact resistant as well as retaining their incredibly thin and light weight design. Among the limitless opportunities available for these lenses would be incorporating our unique lenses into various sunglasses as well as designer sports equipment like sky diving and snowboarding / skiing goggles.

We are among the the Industry leaders in specializing in non polarized, gradation lenses. We offer a superb variety of custom characteristics for unpolarized lenses, gradation lenses and anti-fog lenses. Please contact us for details and samples. We are happily waiting for your requests.


The Single Lens

The Thickness 1.5mm
The Curve 2 Base、4 Base、5.5 Base、4 Base×6 Base(toric)、5.25 Base cylinder
The Size (mm) 110 x 185 / 100 x 178 / 90 x 178 / 68 x 158 / 58 x 158

※We are open and willing to accept any and all requests about these.

Twin Lenses

The Thickness 1.5mm
The Curve 2 Base、4 Base、5 Base、6 Base、8 Base
The Size (mm) 45 x 60 / 50 x 60 / 45 x 70 / 50 x 70 / 55 x 70 / 60 x 70 / 45 x 82 / 50 x 82 / 55 x 82 / 60 x 82

※We are ready and able to accept your requests about these. Please give us the curve dimensions of the lenses you require. Imagine it and we can produce it !